• Parkinson‘s and Technology Series of Events
    Follow-up Special Interest Group on Parkinson’s & Technology (SIGP@T) & Dundee Research Interest Group (DRIG) Since James Parkinson’s essay on the shaking palsy, written over 200 years ago, many advances have been made. There are however open […]
  • A Personal Reflection after the Series of Events
    How it all started I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009 and I did not know much about the illness then. Several years later not much had changed, when I got the opportunity to participate in the […]
  • Tracking Symptoms with the Apple Watch
    Daily tracking of PD symptoms has proven difficult. Smartwatch algorithms capture dyskinesia and resting tremor around the clock. They detect motor fluctuations and responses to medication. Abstract Researchers from Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California, may have found […]
  • Call for participation: Reinventing the Web to Suit You
    Kyle Montague and his research team are currently running a study called “Reinventing the Web to Suit You” They are keen to recruit a wide range of participants that regularly experience challenges or difficulties when interacting with […]
  • New Member
    We can welcome a new member: Kyle Montague, Associate Professor at Northumbria University and Head of the Inclusive Design & Innovation (IDI) research group. I first met him when he was developing a system that could eliminate the errors […]

SIGP@T intern


Parkinson is no longer a death sentence …

it became a life sentence instead.

Werner Remmele