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We can welcome a new member:

Kyle Montague, Associate Professor at Northumbria University and Head of the Inclusive Design & Innovation (IDI) research group.

I first met him when he was developing a system that could eliminate the errors caused by the tremor of PwP when operating a touch device.

Among other things, he is currently working on a low-cost wearable platform that can be used to send sensor-based data to a mobile device or control center, but which also allows the opposite direction and can therefore be programmed remotely. This makes it possible to distribute new or adapted functionalities to the users very quickly, easily and securely.  This flexible device can become an excellent platform for the development of intelligent systems and therefore is of high interest to SIGP@T.

He wants to address critical social problems and challenges by designing and configuring digital technologies that empower individuals and marginalised communities. He envisions to democratise access to the tools and processes by which we provision technologies and services that shape society.

More about Kyle

By Werner

Location: Scotland
Profession: Retired
Hobby: Photography
Parkinson Patient

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