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Parkinson‘s and Technology Series of Events

Follow-up Special Interest Group on Parkinson’s & Technology (SIGP@T) & Dundee Research Interest Group (DRIG) Since James Parkinson’s essay on the shaking palsy, written over 200 years ago, many advances have been made. There are however open issues regarding Parkinson’s disease: the cause (still unclear), diagnosis (one of the most misdiagnosed conditions), treatment (still predominantly […]

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New Member

We can welcome a new member: Kyle Montague, Associate Professor at Northumbria University and Head of the Inclusive Design & Innovation (IDI) research group. I first met him when he was developing a system that could eliminate the errors caused by the tremor of PwP when operating a touch device. Among other things, he is currently working […]

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Special Interest Group on Parkinson and Technology A quick introduction to the concept of Special Interest Groups, and it’s first implementation in SIGP@T. By Werner Remmele What is a SIG? A SIG is a group of people who have come together out of an interest in a particular component of research into Parkinson’s disease, the […]