Managing Daily Life with Parkinson’s

Event on Feb 27th, 2021

Parkinson’s is a condition with many faces: each patient develops individual symptoms and a unique course of the disease. What they have in common is the impediment to daily life. Fundamental issues for some PwP may not occur for others or will have been solved. 

We will focus on tools to manage everyday tasks that can become insurmountable problems due to the symptoms of the disease. Three presentations will address this topic: 

  • Dr Katherine Fletcher talks about non-drug therapies and devices.
  • Professor Wan-Fai Ng shows the issues and challenges of fatigue.
  • Julie Dodd describes the potential of Apps for PwP and their limitations.

In addition to these professional approaches, we want to draw on the wealth of experience of PwP and their carers. They are confronted with the problems on a daily basis and are therefore the best experts whose knowledge is invaluable. We want to discuss these experiences in moderated breakout sessions and then present them in plenary.

For participants who want to familiarise themselves with the techniques, a separate technology breakout session is planned; there, terms such as AI, machine learning or data mining will be explained and their potentials for intelligent solutions will be outlined. This breakout session will be lead by 

  • Dr Athanasis Tsanas 

and needs to be prebooked either on our website or on a form that we will send you before the event.

A panel discussion will conclude the event.

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