The Road to Optimal Treatment

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27 March 2021 – 14:00-16:45

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The two previous events have focused mainly on ways to give the patient more control and influence over symptoms and their effects. In both cases, continuous and objective measurement is the basis for action.

However, the data obtained are also a source of information that can be made available to the treating physician. Since they are determined over a longer period of time, they do not only reflect a random current status but also the development of the condition. This means that the consultation, which takes place every six months or a year, is based on a comprehensive basis of confirmed data and replaces the ‘snapshot diagnosis’, which requires a very experienced doctor to recognise misleading or day-dependent factors as such and eliminate them.

In addition, the use of intelligent solutions allows the detection of critical developments and early or timely intervention. This raises the question of how much responsibility the patient is willing to hand over to the monitoring system and when the doctor’s responsibility begins. This question will certainly be discussed at length and controversially; ultimately, each patient must answer it for himself.

But we can certainly draw one conclusion: intelligent solutions have the potential to support and guide the doctor in determining the optimal treatment. We are only just beginning to glimpse their potential.

And that’s the good news: Parkinson’s, we’ll get you!

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