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The SIG Idea

The impact of intelligent tools, apps, services and devices for people with Parkinson’s: Evaluation of today’s solutions and potential for the future.

Video by Rui Couto

SIGP@T is a project that combines information gathering, analysis and projection in the field of ‘intelligent machines’ serving the needs of People with Parkinson’s:

There will be an overview on the state of art, products already available and research projects”. And there is  also an option of some technical background as well,

  • The legacy of AI and the end of high hopes.
  • Why are technologies like Machine Learning, Neural Networks or Big Data Analysis better suited for the solutions we’re looking for?
  • What are necessary requirements for a successful service for PwP?

The range of the topic allows us to incorporate information from lots of different fields, however mostly influenced by mathematics, computer sciences, artificial intelligence and machine learning but not limited to those. We imagine that we’ll find connections with law, life sciences or design and many more.

So far we are still a tiny group of people. Members of this group have a broad knowledge of the underlying technologies, are specialists in an area central to the topic, have served as responsible managers for research, development, marketing or innovation and therefore provide a combined knowledge power that allows substantial information.

With this background we are a unique, independent and powerful resource serving PwP as well as health professionals and industries.

People become members, contributors or supporters because of their affinity to the technologies we represent. We don’t imply any restrictions on where you come from nor do we expect .you to be a member of a Parkinson’s based group. We are interested in a special field of technologies and therefore we are a Special Interest Group, we are the


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