Our mission


The past decades brought an unparalleled increase in the speed of technological advances. Basic technology for products in the centre of our lives often has not existed 10 or 20 years ago, but though we think we cannot live without them any more.

Many of these advances were not merely technological but incorporate ‚intelligent‘ algorithms that deliver amazing results from seemingly simple data. Along these lines we find products that monitor body functions in an innovative way: measuring only a single parameter they are able to calculate astonishing, often unexpected findings. By measuring heart beat variability it is possible to calculate two dozen vital values of the body, or, even simpler, a single sensor at the wrist is sufficient to derive a comprehensive analysis of the athlete.

Advances in sensor technology and algorithms are two of the cornerstones of this progress. Another one accelerates this speed of development disproportionately: Artificial Intelligence (AI) develops methods for creating and improving algorithms in a way that they more and more behave ‚intelligently‘ and some programs seem already to be very close to pass the Turing test. With mastering development and refinement of algorithms by algorithms and the use of data to continuously improve itself machine learning makes it possible to define the goal of an algorithm leaving the way to achieve it open to training.

A final factor for these fascinating possibilities is the mastery of large amounts of data. Wide distribution ensures that there is enough data for a correct or at least plausible, consistent derivation. And the increase in computing power ensures that these results are calculable.

Who we are

First of all: we are (usually*) NOT the ones delivering solutions, algorithms or so, but…

… we are fascinated by the possibilities, that are offered and see the potential to use these technologies for our own purposes – i.e. our daily fight with Parkinson‘s. It is nice to know two dozen health values by just wearing a watch, but what does it help when the tremor is too much to hold a cup of coffee, the body is frozen and not able to move or anxiety takes over – all thanks to the disease.

There must be – and we are convinced, that there are – loads of possibilities to make all of these advances work for us and finally for each one of us. Our sensors deliver correct, standardised and current values that cannot otherwise be determined using conventional methods. The hypothesis is that using intelligent solutions will contribute to improving details of the diagnosis, and of the efficacy of the drug treatment to name but two. It would most definitely lead to the ability to collect highly person-specific information about the environmental conditions and behaviour of the wearer. 

And this is the driving force that keeps us going as a group: we know that there are possibilities around, they need to be found and made usable. We embrace these opportunities, imagining the relief they may bring. To do so we build up knowledge, partner with R&D, with research institutes and Universities. As individuals we are the experts in experiencing the disease, as a group we have a voice, strong enough to act as a mouthpiece for the needs of PwP towards research, development and manufacturing.

What we do

We mediate between the PwP and organizations that design and create intelligent solutions. We try to keep our knowledge up to date and to communicate information in a comprehensible way by means of events, seminars, webinars and interactive meetings.

Two meetings were held in January and February 2021, focusing on the management of the Parkinson condition and the resulting issues in daily life. The next event on 27 March 2021 will address the possibilities offered by intelligent solutions for the optimisation of treatment.

One of our medium term goals is to be able to attend the World Parkinson Congress 2022 in Barcelona and contribute to it. After having presented at our events, several speakers announced their plans to submit a paper.

Following our work is a way to keep up with the rapidly evolving scene of intelligent solutions and even more to take on an active role. If you are interested – let us know. You are welcome.

* however, there are some people able to do so: PDWatch4U and the tools of Parkinsonsmeasurement were developed by PwP.