Speakers and Talks

Dr Katherine Fletcher

As Parkinson’s UK’s Research Communications Manager Katherine Fletcher communicates Parkinson’s research and shares opportunities for people to get involved. She has worked with the organisation for two years, and before this, she completed her PhD carrying out lab based research into ageing. 

Exploring non-drug therapies for Parkinson’s

It’s more than just drugs that are being investigated to find better treatments for Parkinson’s. Technology and devices have an important role to play. Katherine will be talking about the use of technology to help improve clinical trials, as well as discussing a few of the devices that are currently under investigation for Parkinson’s

Professor Wan-Fai Ng

Professor Wan-Fai Ng (Fai) completed his medical degree at Cambridge University and a doctoral degree in Immunology at Imperial College London. He is a Professor of Rheumatology at Newcastle University and an Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist at the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the UK.

​Fai’s current research focuses on stratified medicine and understanding the biological basis of fatigue including the use of sensor technology and medical device to gain deeper understanding of this complex, disabling symptom as well as biomarker discovery. 

Fatigue – a burden to patients and society, a challenge for clinicians and scientists 

Fatigue is a prevalent symptom in many chronic diseases including Parkinson’s Disease. It is a huge health economic burden to patients and the society. However, fatigue is often perceived by patients to be overlooked by their doctors and research into fatigue has attracted little attention by scientists until recently. This webminar explores the possible reasons and offers potential solutions.

Julie Dodd

Julie is Director of Transformation at Parkinson’s UK. She leads Parkinson’s UK’s technology and culture transformation work – aiming to improve the lives of people affected by Parkinson’s through technology-enabled services, data-driven clinical research and improved ways of working. Julie is a former BBC Creative Director and is passionate about finding creative solutions in Parkinson’s – not least because her father in law has been living with it for the past 8 years.

Julie is also the author of The New Reality (thenewreality.info) – a report about the state of technology in the non-profit sector.  

Apps and devices for Parkinson’s: what they offer and where they fail

Over 400,000 health apps already exist in the world. Among them are an increasing number of technology solutions designed to provide either symptomatic relief for Parkinson’s, or a better understanding of how someone’s Parkinson’s is affecting them. But how do we know if they’re any good?

In this short talk, Julie will share the approach Parkinson’s UK is taking to discover the range of apps and devices for Parkinson’s, and assess their quality, usefulness and safety.